Anti-Snoring SLEEP-EEZ

Kevin has developed his own anti-snoring device (MRD) cast in chrome called the ‘SLEEP-EEZ’. He has made in excess of 1500 chrome anti-snoring devices and believe we are the most experienced lab for these. Kevin has 9 years experience with chrome MRD’s, is a member of the BSDSM and has had input from leading orthodontists and specialists in sleep medicine regarding the development.

SLEEP-EEZ using Herbst by Scheu

How They Work

The principle is very simple; by moving the lower jaw forward the airway opens and allows for air to flow freely to the lungs, when the airway is restricted the air vibrates around the obstacle causing you to snore.

These devices are called MRD’s, Mandibular Advancement Devices, there are many on the market but only the custom fitted devices are recommended.


Each SLEEP-EEZ is custom made to fit you/your patient, we use chrome as it is light (each appliance weighing around 20g), very thin, .7mm or 1mm for bruxist (tooth grinding) cases making it easy to tolerate in the mouth and very strong.

SLEEP-EEZ using Silensor SL

Other benefits with the SLEEP-EEZ include:

Long lasting – no deterioration.

Hygenic – doesn’t discolour or effect taste and is resistant to bacteria.

Tooth bourne design – only covers the teeth so you don’t feel you have a mouthful and leaves gums uncovered which is better for your gums.

Adjustable – the appliance is adjustable to get the best possible results (known as titration)

Minimal vertical dimensions – the thinness of the appliance allows you to close your mouth completely allowing for nasal breathing which also helps with the snoring.

Retainer – with the addition of a labial bow (a band around the teeth) the device can also be used to keep your teeth in line.

TMJ – can be used to help with TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) problems in certain cases by preventing over-closing and grinding

Turnaround – the SLEEP-EEZ can be returned to your dentist/laboratory/practice in 2 weeks.

Competitive pricing – no other chrome anti-snoring device on the market is to this standard and is priced for less and is competitive with thermoplastic/acrylic devices

Alterations – if you have one of our sleeping appliances we can manufacture a crown to fit your appliance in order that you would not need a new SLEEP-EEZ if the event of work being done on your teeth.

Advice – Kevin, the developer of the SLEEP-EEZ, is always available to talk and advise dentists/patients during normal working hours and can recommend your nearest preferred dentist that specializes in this field.

Quality Control – every job is overseen by Kevin at every stage of manufacture, giving consistant quality.

Kevin is also the only one in the lab to set the stud positions for the arms as it is very important that these are set correctly.