Procast started out predominately as a chrome lab in 2006 and Kevin has been a chrome technician since 1991. There is probably nothing he hasn’t dealt with, swing locks, equipoise, stress broken chromes etc.

We use only high quality alloys that are nickel and beryllium free for our chrome work. We stil cast our chromes in the old fashioned way even though we have a milling machine as we believe this gives a better result than 3D printing/milling or sintering.

Our waxing technique gives stronger and lighter frameworks as well as functional clasps that are placed correctly into the undercut. Every stage is checked by Kevin and he personally designs each chrome if needed as well as positions, retention, clasps etc.

Skeletal Chrome Design

Each job is checked at every stage: Surveying, duplicating, wax-up, trimming, rubbering and polishing. Then a final check for the fit and bite.

On jobs that require backings, we make them to the set-up to ensure perfect fit to the tooth and ease of finishing.

We undertake combination work as well as precision attachments and also our screw retained bars are milled in PMMA and then cast, this gives a perfect fit but reduces the price significantly (approximately half) compared to fully milled bars.

We cater for over 70 labs in the UK along with dentists and some European clients. Many labs use us as an inhouse lab due to our quick turnaround.

Usually 5 working days but 2 or 3 working days are possible on request, chrome repairs are often done in a day!

Combination work (crowns & precision
attachments with chrome)

Chrome Retainer

We also make chrome retainers and sleeping appliances and have even made small car parts/badges and jewellery in the past.