Milling, Crown & Bridge

Our Crown & Bridge/Milling department opened in 2014 with the purchase of a Wieland/Ivoclar Zenotec Select Hybrid, it is a five axis wet and dry milling machine using 3shape design software and the employment of a very gifted ceramist.

Wieland Zenotech Select wet & dry
milling machine

Our open system allows us to import your files or we can design for you.

We mill Zirconia shaded/unshaded/anterior and multi layered Zirconia for ourselves and other laboratories as well as e.max, which we don’t press, milled gives a better result, as you cannot see where the sprue was or the junction where the pressed ingots fuse together. Also the finished surface is better on a milled e.max. Milling e.max in the early days needed lots of perseverance and patience, it is a bit more expensive than pressing but we believe the results are worth it.

When we bought the milling machine it was the pinnacle of the Ivoclar/Wieland range and we believe the accuracy and fit is the best we have seen.

We can provide to dentists and laboratories alike, from uncrystalized e.max, Zirconia coping to finished metal/Zirconia full arch bridges.

e.max block
Milled e.max block

Finished e.max


Zirconia disc & finished Zirconia bridge