Ultaire by Solvay

Ultaire AKP is a new material launched in the UK in September 2017 able to make metal free frameworks, it is a millable polymer that is very light, biocompatible and flexible. The clasps are short and engage the undercut similar to dental D’s but are superior and can be stained to match the existing teeth.

Ultaire AKP is also much stronger than acrylic and the material doesn’t leach chemicals like acrylic or discolour like flexible dentures.

Ultaire AKP frameworks are also thinner than acrylic giving less baulk in the mouth. The frameworks are also less abrasive to teeth than chrome dentures.

You can design the framework yourself and we can mill it for you or we can produce the whole frame start to finish. However you will need to be accredited to design yourself.

Ultaire AKP frame with mesh work

Finished frame with acrylic

We have completed our Solvay University course and have the 5 axis milling machine and 3shape software recommended by Solvay to produce to a very high standard.

Any questions please feel free to call us on 01473 281618